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How to cut a clothbound cheese

Here's something you'll likely never do- but you may hear us talk about "clothbound" cheddars at W&W any time you visit. Bleu Mont and Flory's are always in stock at W&W and both are clothbound.

Here a cheesemonger from Neal's Yard Dairy in London shows how to break down a clothbound wheel.

Appleby's Cheshire Cheese – Farm Visit on Film 2013

Records show that a cheese was made to a recipe similar to Cheshire in England during the Roman occupation. Much later, at the turn of the 19th century, Cheshire would have been the staple cheese eaten by families the length and breadth of Britain. All of this cheese would have been made in well over a thousand farms across the Cheshire Plains.

The Appleby’s have been making Cheshire cheese at Hawkstone Abbey Farm, near Whitchurch in Shropshire, for three generations and are the last farm making a Cheese using their own raw milk. In February this year, Harry and I visited cheesemaker Garry Gray and owners Paul and Sarah Appleby, in order to film the work they do. We hope you enjoy the film as much we enjoyed making it.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

Hafod Cheese – Farm Visit on Film 2012

Sam and Rachel Holden have been making Hafod (pronounced ‘Ha-vod’) on Sam’s father Patrick’s farm near Lampeter, Ceredigion since August 2007. They decided they wanted to make a cheese in the style of ‘Ty’n Grug’, a Cheddar style that was made twenty years earlier by a neighbour of theirs, Dougal Campbell, and used the milk from Patrick’s small herd of Ayrshire cows. It was Dougal that taught Simon Jones twenty years earlier to make his cheese recipe, at which point Lincolnshire Poacher was introduced to the world. When Simon taught Sam the ‘Poacher’ recipe, in early 2007, Sam felt as though he was bringing the cheese back to the place of its birth, and with that, Hafod was born.

The cheese is now made by Rob Howard and his team at the farm of Patrick and Becky Holden near Ceredigion in Wales.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese - See what we do

Our cheese is the embodiment of us, our farm, our staff and everything we do on the farm so it is particularly important that we make every effort to produce the best cheese we can because it represents us and everything we do. In addition to this, we feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to manage the farm and the business as a whole to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.
— Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Wisconsin Foodie - Roelli Cheese

We are at Roelli Cheese House in Shullsburg, WI, home of the award winning Dunbarton Blue. Chris Roelli takes us through his process of making a batch of the Dunbarton Blue. He also shows us his cheese caves where we get to have a taste test of an experimental cheese! Then we head to Driftless Café in Viroqua, WI where Luke Zahn uses Roelli cheese to make two incredible dishes!
— Wisconsin Foodie

Wisconsin Foodie - Uplands Cheese

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we visit with award winning cheesemaker Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese. Uplands Cheese is responsible for one of the most awarded cheeses to come out of the area, Pleasant Ridge Reserve. While Andy is still in his early 30’s, many considered him to be one of the next preeminent cheesemakers of our generation and state. We get a behind the scenes look into the art of cheese making and also some of the new products he is working on. Next, we visit La Merenda restaurant in Milwaukee, WI were Chef Peter Sandroni is hosting a dinner to celebrate Wisconsin cheese and its makers, pairing a different local chef with a cheesemaker. Finally, we catch up with writer and cheesemonger, Gordon Edgar of Rainbow Foods co-op in SF, as he stops into Larry’s Market for a reading of his book, Cheesemonger: A life on the Wedge and shares his thoughts on Wisconsin Cheese.
— Wisconsin Foodie

Mary Holbrook at Sleight Farm – Farm Visit on Film

This short ‘farm-visit’ film features cheesemaker Mary Holbrook at her farm near Bath in Somerset. Mary has her own herd of around a hundred home-bred goats, or ‘the league of nations’ as she calls them, and with their milk makes wonderful cheese; namely Tymsboro, Sleightlett, Cardo and Old Ford. Mary’s approach to cheesemaking and farming in general is seemingly circumstantial. However, as we follow her around the farm, the true depth of her knowledge and experience reveals itself. We hope you enjoy watching it.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

Isle of Mull Cheddar – Farm Visit on Film 2015

In 1982, Jeff and Chris Reade family packed up their farm and family in Somerset and moved to a derelict collection of buildings known as ‘Scriob Ruadh’ (pronounced ‘Ski-Brua’) . Over the next 33 years, powered on little more than their own skill, effort and ingenuity, they have built one of the most inspiring farms and businesses we work with. We hope to convey some of the magic of their story and of the beautiful Isle of Mull in this short film.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

Bra 2017 – The Talk at Giorgio Cravero's

Every two years Slow Food host ‘Cheese’, an event where many mainly Italian cheesemakers, gather in Slow Food’s home town of ‘Bra’, a beautiful hill-top town in Piedmont an hour or so south of Turin. Over recent years, there have been more exhibitors from abroad (including ourselves) and it is an event that everyone at Neal’s Yard Dairy looks forward to with great enthusiasm. ‘Bra’ is also the home of the ‘Cravero’s’, a 5th generation family of Parmesan maturers and the suppliers of our Parmesan cheese since 2003. During this 4 day event, we take the opportunity to host an event to which many of our industry friends are invited, and at which somebody in our business makes an address. In 2017, it was the turn of Dominic Coyte of Borough Cheese Company in London, who presented his thoughts on small-scale cheese production in the UK.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

Montgomery's Cheddar – Farm Visit on Film 2017

In June we returned to Cadbury Court for another look at how this famous Cheddar is made. This time around we were lucky enough to get a one-on-one farm tour with third generation cheesemaker Jamie Montgomery. Jamie discusses the history of his farm, and roles played by the many people involved in making this cheese. We also touch on the evolution of his herd, the land on which his cows graze, and the challenges that surround the continuation of a cheese-making heritage as rich as this.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films

The Neal's Yard Dairy Film (2012)

This film, shot on 16mm film, follows the production of three different raw milk British cheeses, from grass roots to shop counter. By interweaving the process of three different cheesemakers, Jamie Montgomery, Mary Holbrook and Martin Gott, the film gives an impression of the uniqueness of each recipe as well as the intensive labour and care that goes into making them.
— Neal's Yard Dairy Films