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Wisconsin Foodie - Uplands Cheese

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we visit with award winning cheesemaker Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese. Uplands Cheese is responsible for one of the most awarded cheeses to come out of the area, Pleasant Ridge Reserve. While Andy is still in his early 30’s, many considered him to be one of the next preeminent cheesemakers of our generation and state. We get a behind the scenes look into the art of cheese making and also some of the new products he is working on. Next, we visit La Merenda restaurant in Milwaukee, WI were Chef Peter Sandroni is hosting a dinner to celebrate Wisconsin cheese and its makers, pairing a different local chef with a cheesemaker. Finally, we catch up with writer and cheesemonger, Gordon Edgar of Rainbow Foods co-op in SF, as he stops into Larry’s Market for a reading of his book, Cheesemonger: A life on the Wedge and shares his thoughts on Wisconsin Cheese.
— Wisconsin Foodie